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Into the Field

Stunning drone footage of bowhead whale behavior

Seeing bowheads from the water is one thing, but seeing them from the air provides a whole new perspective.

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 in-the-news-tIn the News

Open Water Research Station seeks funding to continue important Steller sea lion research

We have learned so much, but have much more to do

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beringsea-tScience Outreach

Bering Sea Days

Flights had been cancelled for the 3 days to St. Paul Island until a group of researchers from across North America boarded a small plane to take part in a unique education experience with the school children from the Pribilof Islands.

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fromthelab-tFrom the Lab

Diving hard at it

What happens when a sea lion has to work harder for its prey?  The answer to this question may help determine whether declining sea lions in Alaska are indeed having a hard time catching fish.

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thisjustin-tThis Just In

8 new publications…

Flipper strokes predict energy expenditure in fur seals; Biologging tags; depredation by marine mammals, microparticles in Steller sea lions; bowhead whales and seismic operations; DNA metabarcoding; video-validated foraging success; protozoal-related mortalities in monk seals
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