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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Consortium is to undertake a long-term program of research on marine mammals and their interactions with fisheries, other species and oceanographic conditions in the North Pacific Ocean and Eastern Bering Sea.

About the Consortium

In the summer of 1992, John Roos, Vice President of the Pacific Seafood Processors Association, on behalf of a group of representatives of the fishing industry, requested Pacific Northwest universities to submit proposals for research concerned with the impacts of fisheries on Steller sea lions. From that request, the North Pacific Universities Marine Mammal Research Consortium was formed with four participating institutions: the University of Alaska, the University of British Columbia, the University of Washington, and Oregon State University.

The University Researchers have been supported by a wide range of sources including federal and state governments, sectors of the fishing industry, private foundations and coastal Alaskan communities.


The research program is overseen by a Scientific Advisory Committee with representatives from universities, industry, and government agencies. A Research Committee, composed of the research leaders at the various universities, is responsible for preparing research proposals and for reporting on progress to the Scientific Advisory Committee.

Funding and Assistance

Funding for the Consortium’s research program has been obtained through the North Pacific Marine Science Foundation.

The Consortium gratefully acknowledges the support of the United States National Marine Fisheries Service, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the North Pacific Research Board and the Vancouver Aquarium.


The Marine Mammal Research Unit of the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries at the University of British Columbia administers the Consortium. The Consortium staff includes a Research Director, Dr. A.W. Trites, and an Administrative Manager, P. Rosenbaum.

Annual Reports and Future Research

The Annual Reports review the accomplishments of Consortium Researchers:


Annual Report 2009





2007annualreportAnnual Report 2007





Future contributions will lead to a better understanding of the population biology of Steller sea lions and northern fur seals, and in due course, to other marine mammals of the North Pacific. The interactions of fisheries and marine mammals are the subject of intensive research in many parts of the world, and will be a major focus of research in the North Pacific for many years to come. The Consortium brings university resources to help resolve the issues that arise.